Blogger Information

At BoardingArea, we’re assembling the best road warriors / frequent flyer bloggers on the Web and providing them with the tools and support they need to maximize their growing readership and influence.

What You Get, at a Glance

  • WordPress
  • Google Analytics
  • RSS support
Design and Layout:
  • Full control of your posts, pages, and blogroll links
  • Customized logo, color scheme, and layout
  • BoardingArea Network identification
  • Featured elements proven to add value for your visitors
  • SEO Management
  • Comment Spam Protection
  • Monetization Management
  • Skill set education opportunities

Everything You Need To Grow Your Audience

  • A support team consisting of professionals who have years of experience in blog design, development, and management. We not only help you get started on BoardingArea, but provide ongoing assistance and support throughout the life of your blog.
  • A blogging platform that is secure and easy to use. BoardingArea utilizes the popular WordPress blogging software and our technology team ensures that the software is maintained and updated, allowing bloggers to focus on blogging.
  • Customized and optimized blog design and layout. We will work with you to make your blog and your brand your own, while at the same time integrating it into the BoardingArea network and incorporating tools and features that have proven successful for all of our network bloggers.
  • Enterprise level analytics tracking. At BoardingArea we use Google Analytics to track site statistics and every BoardingArea blogger has access to robust and exhaustive analytics for their blog.
  • Publicity and promotion. We have more than 25 years of experience working with national and international media, as well as most of the leaders in the travel industry. We put all of our resources to work to gain media attention for BoardingArea, as well as individual bloggers, and develop promotions with organizations such as Gogo, Hilton Hotels, American Express, and others that draw new visitors to the site.
  • Advertising sales and management. As part of the Frequent Flyer Network of sites, BoardingArea is an attractive option for advertisers targeting the business travel market. Our advertising team manages all aspects of monetization and ensures your ad placements are optimized for peak performance.
  • Full control over editorial content. We handle the maintenance and management aspects of blogging so that you can focus on the important part – writing. You have full editorial control of your content, as well as access to tools that allow you to easily upload media, post from mobile devices, interact with visitors who comment on your blog, share your posts in various social media platforms, create polls, and more.
  • Search Engine Optimization. In addition to being included on the site, which enjoys a high page ranking, we create a site map for your blog that helps to ensure your blog is indexed by the search engines.
  • Personalized service. If you would like a feature added to your blog that we don’t currently support, we will do our best to accommodate. Our tech team is happy to test suggested features for security, and our management team will research the potential impact. In most cases we can add suggested features or offer a suitable alternative.


If you are a blogger who writes about subjects of interest to the road warrior / frequent flyer, and BoardingArea sounds like a community where you would like your blog to live, send us an email.